Friday, January 06, 2012

Pakoy... As We Know Him

I am definitely new to blogging even though ive been involved in online writing stuffs for years now. So i guess its better to first introduce the one who inspired me to do this blog.... drumroll please... :-) here we go... let's call on the smartest, sweetest and naughtiest kid of all times... Astin or as we know him Pakoy Kolokoy...

Pakoy is just as other child of his age with the exception that he had his first tooth when he was three months old. At this time, i just knew that he has something unique in him. Astin had his first step when he was 10 months old and by the time he reached his first birthday, he was already running from one corner of the house to another...

His other achievements are so unbelievable since I, his mom, started talking when i was four years old... can you believe that? :-) He was able to express himself, verbally, i guess four months after his first birthday; and three months before his second birthday, he could already count from one to ten... :-) Above all, people enjoyed it whenever he sings the Pinoy lullaby "Ugoy ng Duyan," which I used to sing to him whenever I put him to sleep.

Despite the fact that he does not enjoy watching cartoons like Barney or Mickey Mouse and he preferred watching CSI Las Vegas and Grey's Anatomy when he was two, he still has a wide vocabulary and he could tell you the English translations of simple Filipino words like"ospital (hospital)," "istasyon ng pulis (police station)," "istasyon ng bumbero (fire station)," "paaralan (school)," "palengke (market)" and "simbahan (church)."

I can still remember when Alvin (his dad) and I decided not to get him to school when he was three because of the possibility that he might get bored at learning stuffs that he already mastered... English and Filipino alphabets, writing small and big letters as well as the sounds of each letters. At this time, Alvin also taught him basic math concepts like addition and subtraction.

Now... as he is about to turn four on April 29, i could be as proud as i could be for this boy as he could tell each of his basic body parts like the legs, thigh, arms and knees in a blink of the eye. Also, he is so eager to master his reading skills as he read labels and brands of products such as FROOT LOOPS, COCA COLA and KOPIKO, whenever we go to the grocery.

With all these developments, all I could do is to thank  God for blessing me despite my limitations as as a daughter to my amazing mom...Having Astin as my boy is such an honor... and for you guys... i just want to let you know that being a mom is the greatest profession of all since we can change the future by rearing and bringing up responsible, honorable and God-fearing people in the world.

So guys... i hope you follow all my updates,  stories and escapades with our wonderful Pakoy... 'til next time. :-)


Happiness is...

...being a mom to this munchkin :)


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